About Us



Dr. Matthew D. Hales is a husband and father of six children, a health educator, and a chiropractic physician in that order. He has been helping patients increase their ability to adapt to daily life stresses for almost ten years. He is a sought after speaker on a variety of health topics and frequently volunteers his time to community groups, businesses, and individuals who are interested in learning how to empower themselves for obtaining optimal health.  Prior to finding his calling as a chiropractor, Dr. Hales worked in a hospital environment, during an earlier ten year period, as a surgical assistant. That experience profoundly affected his perspective on health. As effective as “crisis care” can be when necessary, it falls far short of the “truest health ideal” that of prevention.He has found quality essential oils to be a perfect complement to his approach because of its ability to empower families, educate individuals, and ultimately shift health paradigms to a higher consciousness level. Stress comes from feeling out of control. Knowledge of health techniques is important, but can only be truly effective with a methodology for applying that knowledge to our daily health needs.


Anna Hales is a mom of 6 kids, 4 of them boys…aghh….  Essential oils just makes sense to her.  There is no better option for a mother who wants personal empowerment over her family’s health.  Her favorite aspect of her involvement with essential oils is how simple they can be, you almost  can’t mess anything up.  But, the more you learn the more powerful they can become.  Her mission is to give other moms the kind of freedom she now feels.

Dr. Matt and Anna Hales have been very successful in sharing essential oils with others and can show you how too.

Dr. Hales, his wife Anna, and their children live just outside of Boise, ID.