For schedule info on any of these resources, visit our calendar.

Train For Your Rank

Sign-up for specific training tailored to the rank you are.  It will be a series emailed directly to your inbox.

2 Guys on Oil

Our monthly online essential oil education program.  Hosted by Dr. Matt Hales and Jesse Hill.

AromaTouch Certification

Get certified in the AromaTouch Technique with Dr. Matt Hales

Monthly Wellness Expo

Every month you can attend our wellness expo.  It is usually the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Elite and Repeat

The coolest and simplest concept in how to be successful in sharing oils.  …and we have web training on it each month.

Breakfast Club

Each month meet with us in a casual atmosphere to build friendship and plan your success in building a doTERRA business.

Getting Started Business Training

doTERRA Business Training sent directly to your inbox.