10 Steps to Creating Wealth with doTERRA

To Succeed You Will Need Each Of These


1. Enroll

You must be enrolled and be comfortable with the process of enrolling someone else.


2. Loyalty Rewards Program

You must have a personal LRP order set at all times and be comfortable with sharing the benefits of the LRP program with others.


3. 4 Class Launch

You need to be willing to share with others in one-on-one or group settings.  To be successful in our program, you should plan for a 4 class launch!


4. Enroll 10 Wellness Advocates

The average Diamond has enrolled 50+ wellness advocates.  Let's just start with just 10.  It gets easy as you have experienced it a few times. 


5. Premier Bonus

You will need to learn, achieve and use this bonus.  It will become the foundation that you build your business on.


6. Base Camp

You need to attend this event at least once.  It is held 3 to 4 times a year.  It will require taking some time off can getting oriented.  You will learn the details of how to succeed in this business.  You cannot duplicate this experience.   You just need to make plans to attend and get the benefits.


7. Silver Rank

Silver is the first leadership rank.  It is also when you realize you have created something that will keep growing if you continue to nurture it.


8. Convention

Statistically, those that attend convention succeed and those that do not don't.  Find out when the next one is, get tickets, and plan on going.


9. Be Engaged

This isn't a final step, but it is a step that requires your attention.  Get involved in the doTERRA culture.  Participate in team events, be open to self-improvement activities and opportunities.  Being engaged, means that you don't sit and wait for things to happen.  It means that you make them happen and you surround yourself with people who are making things happen.


10. Duplicate

Once you have accomplished all 9 steps; your last one is to help anyone in your group who is willing, to do the same thing.  If you don't do this, you will stop growing at Silver.  If you do, you will grow to Presidential Diamond!

You are only responsible to yourself.

Each of these steps is important.  Missing even one can hurt your chances of succeeding.  Make a list and check off the  items you have handled.  Be honest with yourself!  Ask for help to accomplish the items you don't feel like you have down yet.  Willingness is the main ingredient to your success!

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